Please use the submission form. If you have a full portfolio you'd like to share, you may email us at

In addition to the form below, you'll need to submit four photos. These photos do not need to be professionally done and can be shot with a phone.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Shoot in clean, natural light, avoiding direct sun or harsh shadows
  • We need to see 4 distinct shots (a shot from your shoulders up, a shot from your waist up, a profile shot, and a shot of your full-body)
  • Wear simple, fitted, solid colored clothing
  • We need to see you at your natural best, so no make-up, filters or editing

If we'd like to set up a follow-up meeting, we will reach out to make an appointment. Please do not reach out to follow-up on your submission.

We do not host an open call or accept walk-ins.

Thank you again and continued success in all your endeavours!

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